Thursday, 29 December 2011

happy, new

Can you believe the year we've had? There was so much news that even the news was in the news.
It was the Year of the Rabbit, and in retrospect, I think it really was my lucky year:

And 2012 looks just as bright so far:                                                      
  • our apartment is finally clean
  • a new issue of our magazine is on the way
  • in two weeks I'm off to Burma (!!!!!!!!)
  • we may be moving somewhere with less rain and more people and more cafés


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

wrap 2011

Just a few examples of wrapping styles I tried out this year + the wrapping paper I hand-stamped; an activity in conveying my appreciation for the recipient before they even open the gift.

5 days until Christmas! Good grief.

Monday, 12 December 2011

web things

I ate dinner at 4pm, drank a Moonlight shochu cocktail at 4:30pm. Not sure how much I will get done tonight so here are some good things on the Internet I want to share.

Hello Sandwich has the perfect Tokyo apartment. A beautiful space, cute things, and it's neat. I should really clean my apartment.

I made these chocolate fondants yesterday and they are INSANE.
Think of all the advertisements for chocolate lava cakes you've seen in your lifetime and all the food styling and lighting tricks that went into that perfect little cake. This recipe equals that cake, except the cake is real and you can make it from scratch in 15 minutes and then you can eat it. If you are alone you can eat 4 of them.

Courtney Reagor just sent me the images for her feature in the next issue of space | time!(!!!!!)
Visit her blog Raised On Sandwiches, because it is the best.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Really excited to finally share what I was working on in that last week of craft market craziness. I now have 2* holiday card designs for sale exclusively at Vancouver Special!

The first is inspired by a vintage stag cross-stitch pattern, reminiscent of the cozy Christmas sweaters you hated wearing as a kid (but love to wear now). And the second is a little cabin in the snow, painted by hand then digitally placed. Both are printed on 140 lb, cold press watercolour paper and each comes with a kraft paper envelope. Dimensions are 6"x4.25".

* Technically 3 designs. There's another cabin card with the words "HAVE A COZY CHRISTMAS" because I couldn't decide which I liked better.

Today I have a lot of wintery wrapping paper to print - busy busy busy.

Monday, 5 December 2011

the day after

Our craft market yesterday was such a fun time. Hats off to all the vendors who produced such wonderful items, and also to the amazing team at Nouvelle Nouvelle for being so helpful and supportive.

I raised a good amount to go towards printing the next issue of space | time AND met so many creative and inspiring ladies - what a day!

Mobiles by Lauren Popadiuk; hanging pots and photos by Anna-Lise Schmidt; necklaces by Karen La; ceramics and jams by Cailen Day. 

And now back to work on Issue Two!